Holidays with the Icelandic Horse

7 nights -
anytime from middle of May to the end of September
Self-catering, 1 evening meal with your hosts

Horses are bred at Húsey, and usually about 60 animals are kept here. The farm offers short and long treks, which makes it ideal for beginners as well.
A particularly attractive package for those who like to go their own way. You can have your "own" horse for a week and can take it out whenever you want, riding cross-country over salt marshes, dunes and along the beach.

Our "Holidays with the Icelandic Horse" package includes a one-week stay at Húsey, with excursions on horseback being organised almost every day. You might, for instance, want to ride to the deserted farm of Nefbjarnastaðir. Perhaps you will catch a glimpse of the elves that have lived in the rocks here from time immemorial. Or you could ride to the river and watch the birds and seals. The landscape with its changing moods - the sun-drenched mountain slopes, the clouds at sunset, the mysterious veils of mist and the meadows in the shimmering morning dew - are truly inspiring. Without pressure of time you can ride out during the day or in the light nights. Enjoy the smooth gaits of your Icelandic horse - especially the tölt. You can plan your day as you wish and the staff at Húsey will be pleased to advise you. Your horse is available the whole time. We also offer guided excursions on horseback for groups of riders. "Holidays with the Icelandic Horse" are also suitable for beginners. At Húsey you can learn a lot about handling horses and join in excursions and organised rides from the farm before you take the horse out on your own. For example, there is the regular evening ride over to the river of Lagarfljót to pull up the fishing nets…

A made-up bed is included in the price, so you do not need to bring a sleeping bag. The kitchen is fully equipped to allow you to prepare meals. Please bring a few days' supply of food with you. There will be an opportunity to join in a shopping expedition to Egilsstaðir or to hand your shopping list to someone else. Some items can be purchased at Húsey - and of course the fish freshly caught in the river is excellent. One evening your hosts will invite you for a meal. Depending on how much time you have, you can extend or shorten your "Holiday" as you wish. A few days with a horse at Húsey can make an ideal break if you are touring Iceland, or the relaxing end to your trip, e.g. if you still have to wait a few days before your ferry leaves port. At Húsey you will be provided with a bridle and saddle as well as a riding helmet. You will need to bring riding clothes and boots with you. Please note the import regulations: these items need to be disinfected when you arrive or they must be brand new.